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OnTime Mail prices

Overview of prices for delivery of bulk mailings on a specific day

The prices for specific-day delivery of bulk mailings with OnTime Mail are only valid for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein[1]. Delivery with OnTime Mail in other countries is not possible.

1 Please refer to the information on consignments for the Principality of Liechtenstein at OnTime Mail in the “Important information” section.

Basic prices

The prices for OnTime Mail depend on the weight and size of the consignments and apply to all sorted and unsorted consignments that can be processed as OnTime Mail because the delivery is correct.

Format Delivery on a specific working day (Monday to Friday), price in CHF Delivery on Saturday, price in CHF
Postcards up to B5 1–20 g 0.54 0.69
DirectResponse Card Return by A Mail 0.58 0.73
Standard letter[1] 1–100 g 0.60 0.75
Midi letter[2] 101–250 g 0.85 1.00
Large letter[1] 1–100 g 1.02 1.17
Large letter[2] 101-500 g 1.15 1.30
Large letter[3] 501-1000 g 1.52 1.67
Suggested prices per item incl. VAT, condition: requires machine processing; deviations see under


Weight surcharges

1  Per 20 g from 1 g CHF 0.01

2  Per 20 g from 101 g CHF 0.01

3  Per 10 g from 501 g CHF 0.01

Striking mail items /special items:

Unsorted special items as well as postcards and standard letters thicker than 6 mm include a surcharge of CHF 0.15 per delivery.

More information can be found under Letter design / Striking mail items (special items).

Format surcharge:

For standard and midi letters over 20 mm and up to 50 mm thick, a format surcharge of CHF 1.50 per consignment is billed (incl. surcharge for special items).

Standard and midi letters thicker than 50 mm as well as large letters thicker than 20 mm and over
1,000 g are treated as packages.