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Court document prices

Overview of court document prices

Overview of prices for sending court document in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The cost of sending court documents up to B4 format depends on the thickness and weight of the consignment.

Format Thickness Weight Price in CHF
Up to B4 format (353 x 250 mm) Up to 20 mm 1 to 1000 g 10.60
Up to B5 format (250 x 176 mm) 20 to 50 mm 1 to 250 g 10.60
All prices incl. VAT.

Prices include returning the confirmation of receipt to the sender via Registered mail (R). The documents can be sent online via DataTransfer or returned if delivery was unsuccessful.

If you wish to retain the confirmation of receipt for court documents in your archives for longer than three years, this can be retrieved in PDF/A archive format, bearing a digital Swiss Post signature free of charge. Confirmation of receipt can be retrieved via DataTransfer (report 17)and is possible with retroactive effect for a maximum of three years.