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Warehousing Logistics

We are the service provider that can give you a competitive advantage.

Do you need more space for your stock and wish to make the most of possible cost reductions? Swiss Post has just what you need, with well-located logistics centers offering ample storage space for a wide variety of products and requirements. Intelligent inventory management and smooth order processing ensure the highest possible flexibility and cost efficiency.

We have the right warehousing solution – guaranteed. Whatever warehouse you need, whatever goods you trade, whatever value-added services you require, we would be happy to answer your questions and find the optimum logistics solution for you.
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Swiss Post's warehousing logistics solution starts with incoming goods. Powerful IT support guarantees efficient processing, meaning your goods are ready within 24 hours of delivery. An intelligent storage management system assigns the goods an optimum location, taking storage regulations, product dimensions and turnaround speed into consideration.

Thanks to seamless system support, you are kept informed at all times and receive valuable support in the identification of “slow movers” and “shelf warmers”.

With Swiss Post, you can rely on smooth order processing. Due to its order structure, Swiss Post always chooses the ideal picking technology to ensure your orders are delivered on time.

We offer a number of value-added services, for both goods arrival and delivery, including:

  • Sampling
  • Quality inspections
  • Price labelling
  • Creation of sets and nesting
  • Documentation of master data

With our wide range of services, we can tackle almost any challenge concerning your warehousing logistics situation.

Our high professional standards are backed by the following certifications:

  • Swiss Medic (GDP, GMP, Manufacture and Wholesale of Pharmaceutical Products)
  • ISO9001 (Quality)
  • ISO14001 (Environment)

Whether pallets or small parts, dangerous goods or medical products, Swiss Post will store your products according to your requirements, and select the ideal infrastructure in the process. The logistics centers have various storage structures, such as block storage, pallet shelves and small part shelves. An automatic storage solution for pallets and small parts is also available.

Swiss Post offers business customers efficient warehousing logistics solutions and various storage options. Outsource the management of your inventory either partly or fully and enjoy the comprehensive range of services we offer.