Order barcodes and shipping labels
Order online and receive by post

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Order consignment barcodes and pre-printed shipping labels for mailing domestic and international letters and parcels easily and conveniently online.

The “Order barcodes and shipping labels” online service has the following features:

  • Order barcodes
  • Order pre-printed address labels with barcodes
  • Overview of your orders

Who is this service for and preconditions

The “Order barcodes and shipping labels” online service is ideal for business use.

Minimum order quantity

Barcodes: 100 copies (batches of 100 copies each due to denomination).
Shipping labels: from 1 copy; minimum order value is CHF 25.00.

Login / registration

  • A billing relationship with Swiss Post
  • A franking licence for sending parcels

Technical requirements

  • Common Internet browser
  • Microsoft Excel (address upload)


With the online service, you can have paid services printed on the barcodes and shipping labels. They are charged with your monthly invoice.