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Order consignment barcodes and pre-printed shipping labels for mailing domestic and international letters and parcels easily and conveniently online.

New features

We have updated the instructions for ordering barcodes and shipping labels (PDF, 925.6 KB).

Service and features

The “Order barcodes and shipping labels” online service has the following features:

  • Order barcodes
  • Order pre-printed address labels with barcodes
  • Overview of your orders

Who is this service for?

The “Order barcodes and shipping labels” online service is ideal for business use.

Minimum order quantity

Barcodes: 100 copies (batches of 100 copies each due to denomination).
Shipping labels: from 1 copy; minimum order value is CHF 25.00.


With the online service, you can have paid services printed on the barcodes and shipping labels. They are charged with your monthly invoice.



Login / registration

  • A billing relationship with Swiss Post
  • A franking licence for sending parcels

Technical requirements

  • Common Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)
  • Microsoft Excel (address upload)


More information

For individual mail items or entire parcel consignments

Order barcodes and labels for your consignments in Switzerland and abroad.
Barcodes and labels

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