“My consignments” online service
Receive consignment information and manage receipt

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With the “My consignments” online service, you receive information in advance on parcels and registered letters that are on their way to you. That way you can keep up to date with the receipt of consignments or choose the receipt option and specify the desired delivery method.


In order for your consignments to be assigned to you and notifications to be sent to you, the recipient address must match the address stored in the Customer Center.

Registration (free of charge)

To use this service, complete the free, one-off registration process using your full domicile address in the Customer Center. You will then receive an activation code by mail. Once you have entered this code as per the instructions, you will be able to use the services in the Customer Center.


You can also use “My consignments” to receive advance information on parcels and registered letters.

Customers with a billing relationship/franking licence/Swiss Post account number can benefit from services specifically tailored to meet the needs of business customers, such as “Receive consignments”, “Track consignments” or the “Swiss Post delivery list”. If you have any questions, your customer advisor will be pleased to help you.

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