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Redirect your post quickly and conveniently to a temporary delivery address with the “Redirect mail” online service. The mail can be redirected to a holiday address or a Swiss Post Box address. Redirecting post can also be useful during a hospital stay or, in the event of a death, to an alternative address.

Service and features

Letter mail can be temporarily redirected to another address with the “Redirect mail” service.

The following features are available:

  • Determining the time period during which the letter mail is to be forwarded
  • Express order for redirections that need to take place within the next three working days
  • Overview of all upcoming, current and completed orders
  • Option to extend current orders
  • Option for early cancellation of current orders
  • Option to add further recipients to current orders
  • Clearly structured order receipt
  • Repeat of orders already created

Who is this service for?

The “Redirect mail” online service is suitable for private customers who wish to have their mail delivered to a different address for a certain period of time, and business customers who wish to have their mail forwarded to a different address during company holidays.


To use the “Redirect mail” online service, you must log in and register for the online service.

Already registered as a Swiss Post customer? With your login data, you can start using the online service right away.

Not registered as a Swiss Post customer? Create a login. After checking your identity, we will send you an activation code by mail within two to three working days.


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Happy holidays

To your letter box as well

Are you going away on holiday or will temporarily not be at home for other reasons and cannot take care of your mail? We will be pleased to send your consignments to your temporary address or store them securely on your behalf to ensure your letter box does not begin to overflow, unintentionally alerting others to your absence.

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