Empty container management (LGBS)
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You can order empty containers, such as letter receptacles and bulk containers, using the empty container management system (LGBS) with just a few mouse clicks. With this online service, you can order the empty containers round the clock and obtain them free of charge.

Service and features

Fact-based sourcing of new containers, efficient stock management and simple ordering processes ensure needs are met effectively in all relevant areas.

The following functions are available in theempty container management system (LGBS) :

  • Round-the-clock ordering
  • Next-day delivery (Monday to Friday): orders must be entered in the LGBS by 12 noon.
  • Empty containers are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

Who is this service for?

The empty container management system (LGBS) is ideal for business customers who need empty Swiss Post containers for delivering or collecting mail items.


The empty container management system (LGBS) can be used free of charge.

The corresponding Swiss Post rate applies to the delivery of letter and bulk containers


To use the empty container management system (LGBS), you must have a login, a billing relationship (FL23) and be registered for this online service.

Already registered as a Swiss Post business customer? With your login data, you can start using the online service right away.

Not registered as a Swiss Post business customer? Create a login.

Your order must be entered by 12 noon to ensure next-day delivery (Monday to Friday).

Empty container calculator

Do you want to send a large volume of letters, but do not know how many containers you should order? The empty container calculator is an easy way to calculate the required number of empty containers;

Empty container calculator

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Empty containers

Letter and bulk containers and pallets play a key role in the processing of your mail items.

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