Online controlling of SecureCube payment machines

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With the “SecureData” online service, you can manage and administer your SecureCube payment machines online.

Note: This online service has its own login and does not function via the central Swiss Post login.

Services and features

The “SecureData” online service has the following features:

  • Display a complete overview of all active SecureCubes
  • Display the current status (machine online, machine defective, network operation, standby power operation, current cash level in notes and overall value)
  • Set up and create reports and have them sent to predefined e-mail addresses
  • Define user access rights

Who is this service for?

The “SecureData” online service is ideal for all small to medium-sized business customers who operate one or more SecureCube payment machines.


The “SecureData” online service is free of charge, but also includes paid services. Please contact us to arrange an individual quotation.


Contractual requirement

A valid contract for use of the SecureCube service is a prerequisite for using the “SecureData” online service.

Technical requirements

  • Common Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)
  • JavaScript functionality (recommended)
  • PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader or similar)
  • Common printer

More information


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