SecurePost’s online platform for transporting money

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With the “SecureShop” online service, you can process a whole host of SecurePost services quickly and efficiently, such as ordering, transporting and returning money or purchasing consumables.

Here’s how it works

You can use the “SecureShop” online service to

  • place money orders
  • process money returns
  • order consumables (cardboard boxes, bags for valuables, banknote bands, labels, etc.)

Who is this service for and preconditions

The “SecureShop” online service is suitable for business customers who use SecurePost valuables logistics services and wish to process money orders and returns (notes and coins) online.

Login / registration

You must be registered with SecurePost to use the “SecureShop” online service. Please contact SecurePost to register.

Technical requirements

  • Common Internet browser 
  • JavaScript functionality (recommended)


The “SecureShop” online service is free of charge.

With the “SecureShop” online service, you can also request paid services. The relevant framework agreement between you and SecurePost Ltd governs the associated costs.

More information

Click here to find out more about SecurePost’s services: SecurePost Ltd