Receiving consignments
Quick processing of all incoming consignments with barcode

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Speed up the processing of your incoming mail with the “Receive consignments” service. Swiss Post sends you all the important data for incoming letters and parcels with barcode. Personal information can be added to the consignment data, and used to forward mail to a specific internal receiving station.

Service and features

You receive all the important consignment data with the “Receive consignments” basic service, including consignment number, sender, date and location of posting. This means there is no need to waste any time manually registering data for internal processing. You are immediately given an overview of the incoming mail. Integrated archive and search functions make the search for consignments easier and allow you to provide information about the receipt and forwarding of consignment to internal recipients. A key advantage: there is no need to install anything on your systems. You can log in at any workplace and get started.

The Mobile option complements the range of functions found in the basic service. With this solution, you can register the signature of the internal recipient on your smartphone or tablet.

The “Receive consignments” online service provides the following information:

Information Parcel Letter
Consignment number yes yes
Basic service/value-added service yes yes
COD amount/amount of postage yes yes
Domestic/International yes yes
Returns and reasons yes yes
Dimensions and weight yes no
Reference from sender regarding content Partially Partially
Recipient address Partially Partially
Business customer sender address yes yes
Place of posting (post office for private customers) yes yes
Date of posting Partially yes
Date of delivery yes yes
Consignment pictures yes yes

There is no information provided for courier and third-party consignments, this may be added and registered if required.

Mobile option

Expand your options when processing incoming mail and for internal deliveries with the Mobile option by registering the signatures and names of the internal recipients. Additional remarks with a smartphone or tablet will turn your internal post office into a modern, paperless and professional organization: from the incoming consignment to delivery tracking with electronic signature to the archiving of consignment data.

The “Receive consignments (SSEB)” web application links the basic service (web application) with the Mobile option. With this application, data registered for incoming letter and parcel consignments with barcode is synchronized with the mobile device. The app displays the existing consignment data which you can change or add to if necessary. The main feature is the electronic registration of the recipient’s signature. This facilitates mobile consignment distribution irrespective of location and is a clear extension of the internal delivery service. You can set the “Mark notification” status using the mobile device. If delivery to the preferred recipient is not directly possible, the corresponding person or organizational unit will be notified via e-mail that the consignment is ready for collection (→ Basic service).

The synchronization automatically triggers the transfer of all data saved to the mobile device back to the “Receive consignments” online service.

Who is this service for?

The “Receive consignments” online service has been specially designed to meet the needs of business customers who regularly receive particularly valuable consignments or large quantities of consignments with barcode (letters, parcels or courier consignments). The simplified forwarding procedure eliminates the errors caused by manual processing and reduces costs. Quality and security play a particularly important role, in particular for consignments that need to be signed for.

You may set up the basic service just for parcels, just for letters with barcode or for both options.


Recurring costs

A fixed monthly fee is charged for use of the online service. This applies for both the basic service and the Mobile option. Operation and any upgrades are included here. You do not incur any additional licensing or release costs. The basic service is invoiced based on the previous year’s figure for your incoming consignments.

With the Mobile option, Swiss Post charges an additional fixed monthly fee of CHF 250 on top of the monthly charge. The number of devices and/or users is unlimited.

Thanks to the flat-rate agreement, you can plan the monthly costs regardless of any fluctuations in quantity. The payment is charged on your monthly bill.

One-off set-up costs according to requirements

If desired, we can help you with configuration and set-up on site and give employees an introduction to using the online service. This support is subject to a charge. It will be invoiced at an hourly rate of CHF 158 (excl. VAT). Get in touch with us.


General conditions

To use the “Receive consignments” online service, you must have a login, a billing relationship and be registered for the web application.

Not registered as a Swiss Post business customer? Then create a Swiss Post Login User Account. After checking your identity, we will send you an activation code by mail within two to three working days.

Contractual arrangements

Before you use the “Receive consignments” online service for the first time, a written agreement is concluded between you and Swiss Post (conditions form).

Technical requirements

Use of the “Receive consignments” online service does not require any local installation on your system or PC. You only need a PC with Internet access, as well as a standard hand-held scanner that can be connected via USB.

For the Mobile option, you will need a standard mobile device with a camera (smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android operating system), as well as a free Post-App (App or Play Store).
Swiss Post does not deliver any hardware. The costs for procurement and support are borne by the customer.


More information

Receiving consignments
More information about the services and functions of the “Receive consignments” online service can be found here.

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