Track consignments (Track & Trace)
Check the status of consignments simply and conveniently online

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“Track consignments” offers both senders and recipients key information about the status of their consignments.



Special conditions

Courier/Express consignments, parcels, letters, international consignments[1]



Basic and value-added services



Shipping process, current consignment status



Monitoring individual items

X E-mail

X E-mail, SMS

Storage of tracking orders (Letter ID, pallets)

X E-mail

Recipient name and signature[2]


Consignment pictures[3]




Bulk letter mailings


Catalogue pallets


1  For details, see: “Frequently asked questions (FAQs)”
2  Only for consignments with signed-for delivery in Switzerland. For details see: “Frequently asked questions (FAQs)”
3  Only consignments that pass through the automatic sorting facilities in Swiss Post’s parcel centers. For details see: “Frequently asked questions (FAQs)”

Here’s how it works

Do you rarely use our services and not yet have a billing relationship with Swiss Post? Then our standard services are available for you to use.

Enter the number of your consignment and find out where your consignment currently is and whether it has already been delivered to the recipient. Or create a tracking order to automatically receive an e-mail notification when the status of the consignment selected changes.

You can use the online service with or without an account.

Do you use some of our services frequently and have a billing relationship (FL23) with Swiss Post? Then our special conditions are available for you to use.

More data available

With the “Track consignments” special conditions, you can track your consignment from the time of mailing through to delivery in the same way as the standard service. You also have the following options:

  • Signature and delivery address of recipient (for certain products, details: see “Frequently asked questions (FAQs)”
  • Pictures of parcels, Swiss-Express “Moon” consignments and machine-sorted letters with barcode
  • Additional information such as your own reference, dimensions for parcels or detailed place of delivery
  • Delivery of status changes for tracked consignments via e-mail or SMS

Comprehensive search

In addition to searching for items by consignment number, “Track consignments” also allows you to search using other criteria:

  • Own reference (for express and parcel consignments)
  • Franking licence or invoice reference numbers
  • Date range (maximum range of 30 days)
  • Consignment number range
  • Recipient and recipient location (for small consignments only)
  • Various search filters for returns

You can also choose how to display the search:

  • On screen (just like the standard consignment tracking)
  • In a CSV file (for transfer to Excel)
  • PDF with pictures for returns
  • Search for date of posting, franking licence, invoice reference number (Letter ID, returns) or consignment number (from-to search)

Great added value with just a few clicks of the mouse!.


  • In order to use the premium service, you will need a billing relationship with Swiss Post and a franking licence and you must log in.
  • To view item pictures, FlashPlayer 9.0 (or higher) must be installed.


You can enter the consignment number of the item you have posted into the search bar on the homepage, which will take you directly to the overview. If you are expecting a parcel, you can track it in the “My consignments” online service.

You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our “Track & Trace” online service.

Please note that consignment tracking for mail items being sent abroad cannot yet be fully guaranteed for all destination countries.

Domestic consignments

Type of consignment: Consignments

Courier consignments: Swiss-Courier “Turbo”, “Rapid”, “Standard” and Swiss-Courier “Lightning”

Express consignments: Swiss-Express “Moon” and Swiss-Express “Moon” bulky goods

Parcels: PostPac Priority, PostPac Economy, Economy bulky goods and Priority bulky goods, PostPac Promo, Vinolog

Letters: Registered (R), Registered Prepaid, non-registered electronic cash on delivery (BLN), A Mail Plus, Dispomail, court documents (GU), debt collection documents (BU),

Letters with Letter ID (2D data matrix), returns

International consignments

Type of consignment: consignments

Courier consignments: URGENT goods and URGENT documents

Parcels: PostPac International PRIORITY and ECONOMY

Letters: Registered (R) and PRIORITY Plus

Parcels: General Logistics Systems (GLS)

Parcels and letters: Express Mail Service (EMS)

You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our “My consignments” online service.

If you do not yet have a Customer Login, please register for one today.

Use of Track consignments is free.

Any business customer logged in with a billing relationship and their own customer or franking licence number can automatically make use of the “Track consignments” special conditions.

More information

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An overview of the abbreviations used by Swiss Post for basic and value-added services.
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