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When sending mail abroad, it is important to take the conditions in the target countries into account. The prices for international consignments as well as import and traffic regulations are different in every country. All essential information can be called up via the “International information” online service.

Here’s how it works

Sending consignments abroad is not a problem if you are aware of the essential aspects of international shipping. With the “International information” online service, you have access to an electronic reference guide. You can access it at any time and call up detailed information about worldwide shipping of URGENT, PRIORITY and ECONOMY documents and goods.

The integrated price calculator is a practical aid. You can also find current messages concerning events in the target countries where these affect the shipping of documents or goods.

The main content focuses are:

  • country-specific transport times
  • import regulations
  • Swiss Post information
  • current traffic restrictions
  • price calculator