Design and print personalized stamps yourself

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With WebStamp, you can design personalized stamps online using your own ideas. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing stamps. You can use company logos, photos or text messages.

Service and features

The following functions for franking domestic and international letter mail are available in the “WebStamp” online service:


  • A Mail
  • B Mail
  • Registered (R)[1]
  • A Mail Plus [1]
  • Dispomail (for business customers with a billing relationship) [1]

Value-added services for Registered mail

  • Return receipt (for business customers with a billing relationship)
  • Personal delivery (for business customers with a billing relationship)
  • Electronic cash on delivery (for business customers with a billing relationship) [1]


  • Consignment thickness between 2 cm and 5 cm
  • Pro Juventute
  • “pro clima” surcharge



Value-added services

  • Registered
  • Personal delivery (for business customers with a billing relationship)
  • Return receipt (for business customers with a billing relationship)


  • “pro clima” surcharge

Additional options

  • Design personalized stamps with your own picture, or a motif chosen from the picture database
  • WebStamp with video: send personalized video messages
  • WebStamp for mailshots: frank mailshots for mailing with window envelopes
  • Create, import and save recipient addresses
  • Print preview
  • Printouts on labels, envelopes, letters with window envelopes and thermolabels
  • User-defined formats for labels and envelopes
  • Overview of orders
  • Create favourites
  • Track and trace
  • WebStamp printing service: leave the printing of your WebStamps to Swiss Post
  • WebStamp “printing and shipping service” for individual letters and mailshots: enjoy the convenience of having individual letters and mailshots printed, packed and shipped to your recipients by Swiss Post

Payment options

  • Advance payment: top up your customer account with credit using a credit or debit card or a Swiss Post gift voucher.
  • Invoice: business customers with a billing relationship also have the convenient option of creating WebStamp postage paid impressions and paying via monthly invoice. All transactions will be listed in detail.

1  With barcode as appropriate for electronic track and trace

Who is this service for?

WebStamp is the ideal franking solution for private individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The personalized stamps are suitable for volumes of up to 50 consignments per day and can be used for almost all letter mail and promotional mailings.


The “WebStamp” online service is free of charge.

With the “WebStamp” online service, you can also request paid services. The prices for these services can be found under Domestic letter prices and Domestic parcel prices.


To use the “WebStamp” online service, you must log in and register for the online service.



More information

On the WebStamp service page you can find more information, answers to frequently asked questions and tips on how to use the “WebStamp” online service.

Do you use WebStamp for business purposes? With the “WebStamp” online service, you can incorporate the WebStamp franking solution into your company software (ERP), your online shop or your website. This enables you to offer your employees or customers an efficient tool for creating and printing stamps directly within your business processes.

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