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You can enter the consignment number of the item you have posted into the search bar on the homepage, which will take you directly to the overview. If you are expecting a parcel, you can track it in the “My consignments” online service.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at present. But you can track and manage receipt of your incoming consignments under “My consignments”.

The Login works as before; the SwissID and standard login options are available to you in the top-right “Login” field.

You can find the opening hours of your preferred branch under “Locations”.

You can find the overview on the search homepage.

Your favourite online services can be viewed as before in your Customer Center (the logged-in area) under “My online services”. This option can no longer be accessed under the menu section when logged in.

No, unfortunately you do not have the option of viewing the saved documents, but these can still be found on the corresponding information page.

If logged in, you can mark the service as a favourite by clicking on the star in the “All online services” overview.

To do so, launch the “Create dispatch list” online service under “All online services”.

Yes, by launching the “WebStamp” online service and printing your own stamps:

You can choose from two different variants for how you wish to receive your mail directly after your move under “Receiving mail” > “Relocation” : Relocation

You can do this by launching the “Forward mail” online service: Change of address with forwarding

You can find these under “Send letters/parcels” > “International” - here is where you can select the country and view shipping options and specific prices: International letters

You can select the “Registered” or “A Mail Plus” value-added service; additional information on this service can be found at: A Mail

These can be found under “Send letters/parcels” > “Domestic” where there is also an overview of the shipping options and their prices: Domestic parcels

You can create the desired list by accessing and launching the “Letters dispatch list” service under “All online services”.

These can be found in the overview under “Locations”. This gives you access to all the locations for the various Swiss Post services.

You can select the special conditions using “Switch” in the price overview and view the applicable prices if you are in a business relationship with Swiss Post. For other aspects that need to be observed when sending business mail, see: Business solutions > Bulk mailing

This distinction is now made within the prices. Private customers benefit from “Standard conditions”; business customers enjoy “Special conditions”. If you have any specific questions about your business relationship with Swiss Post, “Business solutions” features all the information you need.

The main reason for adapting the Swiss Post portal was our new brand identity, meaning that the new design already in use in print media is now being implemented online. We were also able to optimize collaboration at various points for the benefit of customers.

The search bar on the homepage is major step forward as it enables the desired information to be located immediately. The new navigation menu at the top is focused on the respective needs of the customer and lets you quickly get started with online services.

To do so, start the “Retain mail” online service. You can find the service either via the search function or under “All online services” on the homepage. If you have already used the service and added it to your favourites, you will find the service in your Customer Center (login) under your “favourite online services”.