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Please note that every block in the code consists of numbers and letters.

Domestic consignments: Call the Swiss Post Contact Center on 0848 48 48 47 (CHF 0.08/min. from landline phones within Switzerland) and have your code at hand.

International consignments: This may be a non-registered international consignment without a domestic consignment number. Unfortunately, recipient services cannot be ordered online for this consignment category. Please call the Swiss Post Contact Center on 0848 48 48 47 for more information.

The increasing number of attempts at fraud on the Internet deliberately target any carelessness on the part of users in order to gain access to coveted data. Here you will find information on what you and Swiss Post can do about them, and where you can report suspicious cases.


When does the first data become available for my consignment?

Product Products / time
Letters, parcels, Express, Courier[1] 2 - 3 hours after posting
International consignments[1] On the same day
Small consignments On delivery of the consignment (on the following day at the latest)
1  These times are for items handed in at a branch counter. The display may take a little longer for collections

How often is the data updated?

We continually update the data on the latest consignment status. The frequency of the updates depends on the type of consignment:

Type of consignment Frequency of updates
Courier consignments approx. 15 minutes
Express consignments Approx. 15 to 30 minutes
Parcels Approx. 15 to 30 minutes
Letters Approx. 1 hour
International consignments Approx. 1 hour
Small consignments No later than the next day

Consignments delivered using the “Special delivery” service are an exception. Delivery only becomes visible the following day at 10 a.m.

“Updating data” means that Track&Trace searches for new results which are only generated during the transport process. It does not mean that a new (unchanged) event will appear every 15 minutes for each consignment.

What must I do if no data is available for the consignment in question or if the data is incomplete?

Make sure that you entered the consignment number correctly. For certain consignments, it may take up to one day for the data to become visible in Track&Trace (see above in “When are the first data available for my consignment?”) If the number has been entered correctly and the period of data availability has been exceeded, you can initiate an enquiry (national / international) online. You will be informed in writing of the outcome of the enquiry.

The data for letters, parcels, express and international consignments is available for 180 days. Letter ID, returns and small consignments can be viewed for 360 days. Data for URGENT consignments (Swiss exports and imports) is available for 90 days.

(Please note the different levels of availability for business customers; details available under "Track consignments" with business customer login). We can provide you with this data available after this time frame has expired. However, to do so, you will need to ask Customer Service to initiate an enquiry (national / international).

Studies show that people currently have several logins with different passwords and that they choose rather simple passwords as a result. However, these are easier to crack. It's important that the password is long enough. If you use one password only, you can choose a more complicated one and in doing so boost the security of your login details.

The following online services remain accessible with your own login:

  • “SecureShop”

All online services can be called up in the Customer Center under “All online services”.

You can also use “My consignments” to receive advance information on parcels and registered letters.

It is our aim to ensure the service runs smoothly. However, mistakes are sometimes made. Contact us with your complaint so that we can take action to prevent this from happening in the future. However, please note that private delivery businesses also deliver consignments in larger cities and conurbations. As such, you may find that consignments arrive in your letter box despite setting up an order with Swiss Post.

Orders can be given an end date or left to run until revoked.

We offer you the chance to manage receipt of your postal items. On a one-off basis or permanently.

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