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I am the recipient Please contact the sender of your consignment.
I am the sender

An enquiry can be initiated if the delivery time has been exceeded.

More information on delivery times for international consignments.

Domestic consignment enquiry

International consignment enquiry

You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our “Track & Trace” online service.

Please note that consignment tracking for mail items being sent abroad cannot yet be fully guaranteed for all destination countries.


We can only carry out an enquiry for consignments with a barcode. Enquiries are possible under the following conditions for a period of up to one year after the item was first mailed:

  • no delivery event is visible in Track & Trace
  • the normal delivery time has elapsed by more than two days
  • the recipient confirms (orally or in writing, e.g. by e-mail) that he or she has not received the consignment.

Start national enquiry


We can carry out an enquiry only for consignments with a traceable consignment number. Enquiries can be initiated up to six months after posting.

You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our “My consignments” online service. If no delivery event is listed there and the delivery time has passed by several working days, you as the sender can start an international enquiry. For more information, a video about the enquiry procedure is available to you on the same website.

What are the typical formats for a consignment number?

Swiss Post consignment number formats are as follows:

Type of consignment Examples of consignment number formats
Parcels, Swiss-Express consignments 99.00.123456.12345678
Swiss-Courier 97.00.00123456
“Registered (R)” letters 98.00.123456.12345678
Letters with Letter ID 12345678.123456.123456789 (IRN. Order number Consignment number
Small consignments 0031234567891234567 or own reference
International consignments CP123456789CN (Parcel), RC123456789DE (“Registered” letter (R)) or LS123456789SG (Priority Plus)

What is the correct way to enter the consignment number on the input screen?

Enter the consignment number with or without full stops, but always without spaces. Both of the following examples are possible: 99.00.123456.12345678 or 990012345612345678

Is the consignment number unknown?

To track consignments, you need the consignment number that is assigned to each consignment (for examples, see “Consignment numbers”: What are the typical formats for consignment numbers?) If you don’t know the consignment number, you can ask the sender for it.

Why are the consignment numbers for international consignments not shown in consecutive order?

The last digit before the letters “CH” is a check digit and is not part of the consecutive item number. This digit therefore has no effect on the sorting of items. The item counter is consecutive. Example: “RN 145 773 216 CH”, “6” is the check digit.

Why can’t I enter the last digit for international consignments myself?

You cannot enter the last digit yourself as it is a check digit that is not part of the consecutive consignment numbers.

Domestic consignments

Type of consignment: Consignments

Courier consignments: Swiss-Courier “Turbo”, “Rapid”, “Standard” and Swiss-Courier “Lightning”

Express consignments: Swiss-Express “Moon” and Swiss-Express “Moon” bulky goods

Parcels: PostPac Priority, PostPac Economy, Economy bulky goods and Priority bulky goods, PostPac Promo, Vinolog

Letters: Registered (R), Registered Prepaid, non-registered electronic cash on delivery (BLN), A Mail Plus, Dispomail, court documents (GU), debt collection documents (BU),

Letters with Letter ID (2D data matrix), returns

International consignments

Type of consignment: consignments

Courier consignments: URGENT goods and URGENT documents

Parcels: PostPac International PRIORITY and ECONOMY

Letters: Registered (R) and PRIORITY Plus

Parcels: General Logistics Systems (GLS)

Parcels and letters: Express Mail Service (EMS)

In order for an enquiry to be undertaken, we require the following information and documents:


For registered letter- and parcel consignements

  • Name, complete address and telephone number of the sender and recipient
  • Detailed consignment contents
  • Original costs of the consignment contents
  • Consignment number
  • Start national enquiry


You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our “My consignments” online service.

If no delivery event is present and the delivery time has passed by several working days, the sender can start an international enquiry.

For enquiries regarding registered letters, PRIORITY Plus and parcel consignments, we require the following details:

  • Consignment number
  • Name, complete address and telephone number of the sender and recipient
  • Detailed consignment contents
  • Value of the contents of the consignment (material value)
  • Weight of the consignment
  • Copy of the mailing receipt or the waybill

In the case of a disputed delivery, we require written confirmation from the recipient that the delivered consignment has not been received.

Yes. With a form of identification and a notarized authorization, you can issue a forwarding or retention order for a third party at any branch counter.

No, unfortunately such consignments cannot be delivered to a service point offering the PickPost service.

Mail items with your old address are first sent to the corresponding branch postdelivery office. Based on your order, they will then be forwarded to the new address. Swiss Post requires one working day for forwarding this mail.

Orders must be made by 11 p.m. at the latest to guarantee execution of the order the following day. Please note that orders not placed at least four working days (Monday to Saturday) before the initial day of retention are deemed to be express orders that are subject to a surcharge.

If you do not yet have a login for with letter verification, please note that orders require at least four days’ prior notice.

In some countries, consignments are withheld at central or local customs offices. Generally speaking, the customs office concerned will inform the intended recipient that certain import information is missing or that customs fees apply. The consignment will be released only once the customs clearance formalities have been completed by the recipient.

Is your consignment at Swiss customs? The consignment will be controlled in cooperation with the Swiss customs authorities. The inspection can take several working days. You can find more information under postal customs clearance.

We offer you the option of insuring your international postal items, regardless of whether they are letters or parcels.

You can find more information about insurance options and liability limits via our price calculator, under the details of the shipping options.

Please note that liability is excluded for certain contents (overview of the GTC).

A waybill is required for all international parcels (PostPac International and URGENT).

A waybill is a transport document which accompanies the postal item concerned across borders until it is delivered.

You can complete the waybill online at your own convenience and print it out. The waybill can be completed in the relevant national language or in English. You can create your waybill here.

For letter mail containing goods, a customs declaration is required. You can create this using the “Accompanying documents for international letters” online service.

We are not allowed to transport certain goods internationally for legal, health and safety reasons. You can find more information at Dangerous goods.