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For difficulties with logging in using SwissID, please contact SwissSign customer service.

The newly introduced SwissID does not replace the existing solution using the “SuisseID” USB stick/chip card.

However, due to the new Swiss Post login with SwissID, the SuisseID (USB stick/chip card) can no longer be used. This means you have no longer been able to log into the Swiss Post user account with the SuisseID (USB stick/chip card) since October 2017.

The SuisseID (USB stick/chip card) still fulfils three functions: it can be used for electronic, legally valid signatures, serves as a secure login with two-factor authentication for other online services and confirms identity for accessing verified, personal data.

If you have any questions about the further use of the SuisseID (USB stick/chip card), contact SwissSign Group Ltd Customer Service on 0848 99 88 00.

Swiss Post will gradually notify all existing customers by e-mail of how to link their user accounts with SwissID. The “Link SwissID” function has gradually been able to be used by all customers since autumn 2017.

If you have received a request to link your account with SwissID, you can log in as usual using the login screen. You will then be given a description of how to link your account. Follow the instructions and create your SwissID. You can link all your accounts to this SwissID, whether they are business or private accounts. No changes are made to your data within the Swiss Post customer login. The e-mail address you have entered will also remain in place – ensuring a separation between business and private accounts.

Do you want to link your account with SwissID, even though you have not been asked to? No problem: once you have logged in, click under “My profile” in the Customer Center, or on “Link SwissID” in your user profile and follow the instructions.

For questions relating to linking with SwissID, please get in touch with the Contact Center.


With a single login, SwissID offers simple, convenient and secure access to the online services (websites and apps) offered by numerous companies, including Swiss Post. Forgotten passwords are a thing of the past.

SwissID enables users to move securely through an increasingly digital world and use online services more easily. SwissID was developed by SwissSign, a specialized provider of security solutions. The goal of SwissID is to make logins more efficient and user friendly. SwissID not only simplifies the overview of your Swiss Post user accounts; SwissID’s single login also offers simple, convenient and secure access to the online services (websites and apps) offered by numerous other companies. It means you no longer need to remember dozens of passwords.

Please get in touch with the Contact Center.

If several users are registered in your company account, please contact a super administrator in your company to manage the user accounts.

Studies show that people currently have several logins with different passwords and that they choose rather simple passwords as a result. However, these are easier to crack. It's important that the password is long enough. If you use one password only, you can choose a more complicated one and in doing so boost the security of your login details.

Please contact Customer Service.

Two addresses can now be registered in your customer account. One address is used for invoicing (Swiss Post customer invoice - this address cannot be changed in your user profile, only by phone or via your customer advisor), and the other address is used for online services such as forwarding orders, P.O. Boxes, sub-addresses, powers of attorney.

If several users work for your company in the new business customer account, you can work with the company administrator to define which address should be used in addition for the online services (e.g. for forwarding orders) and then register this address in your company profile under “Manage your company details“ → “Address“.

If you require more than one address for the online services (e.g. powers of attorney, forwarding orders, P.O. Boxes, sub-addresses), please contact Customer Service. We can register several addresses in certain services.

A step-by-step guide to the registration process when creating business customer accounts. There are also instructions on how to apply for a billing relationship with Swiss Post.


Factsheet (PDF, 276.4 KB) (German version)