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Estefania is a call center agent in the first year of her apprenticeship. How an occupation that was completely unfamiliar to her at the outset has now become a calling − and what makes her proud of her work.

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“When I first heard the term “call center agent”, I couldn’t really picture what it actually involved. After looking into it a bit, I found out which tasks the job involved, and my interest was piqued. The staff work in a Contact Center and handle problems and queries from customers there, either on the phone or in writing. At first glance, that doesn’t sound very exciting. But because it makes me happy when I’m able to help people, I applied for a taster apprenticeship at Swiss Post. I wanted to see for myself what Swiss Post and the job at the call center entailed in order to have a solid basis for my apprenticeship decision.

Excited and nervous on the first day at work

When the time came for my first day at work, I felt both excited and nervous, because I was very curious to find out what awaited me. When I was shown the Contact Center, I was surprised in a positive way. I had imagined it would be different, much less impressive than it actually is. I thought that there would be far more people in one space, with dark rooms.

When I had my first customer on the phone, I was full of anticipation, but also full of respect for the job. Luckily everything went well and I was able to assist the customer single-handedly. Fortunately the work continued in that vein and at the end of the day I was glad (and also a little proud) that I was able to help out so many customers with my answers.

The tasks during my working day are very wide-ranging in terms of content. I respond by phone and e-mail to the constantly changing queries from our customers. That makes my job extremely varied and I learn a lot each day. It also makes me feel proud and happy when I’m able to solve a customer’s problem and help them. 

Building up knowledge: my challenges

The biggest challenge is to build up the knowledge and understanding of our products and services in order to respond professionally to customer enquiries. After some time, however, you find your own rhythm and can provide many answers. And if you don’t have an answer right away, fortunately everyone in the Contact Center is very friendly and can help you out with trickier enquiries. That means you don’t need to be afraid of not being able to assist a customer directly. Most customers are understanding and are all the happier once they receive a return call and you can offer them an appropriate solution. 

Exciting and varied

Currently I’m in the first year of my apprenticeship, in the second semester, and I don’t regret my decision at all to start working at the Contact Center. It’s a very exciting and also a very varied role and I have a lot of fun in it. You always get to know new customer needs, problems and enquiries, so there’s never any danger of getting bored. So if you’re thinking about starting an apprenticeship to become a call center agent, don’t hesitate! You’ll be sure to like it just as much as I do.”

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