Diversity in the Workplace Begins With You
Diversity thrives on respect

We’re all different. And at the Post we embrace the value of our differences. We believe when people are included and supported for who they are, great things happen for everyone. We find strength from diverse workforce and collaborative, inclusive, and respectful work environment.

Diversity Makes You Stronger

60’000 different people work at the Swiss Post. They bring in a wide range of expertise, skills, experience and personalities. We foster an inclusive working environment where all colleagues are enabled to reach their full potential – and to attract, promote and retain diverse talent at all levels. By enabling our colleagues in this way, business success is created through an increased understanding and representation of the needs of our customers and communities. Diverse perspectives encourage unique ideas, perspectives and innovation, and lead to better outcomes for our stakeholders.

What is Diversity

Diversity is what makes other people “different” at first glance. But diversity also refers to personal characteristics that cannot be seen so easily. To understand an individual fully is to understand all aspects of who they are, including underlying values, learning styles, and other aspects that make us unique. Often understanding these aspects also helps us bridge connections of what makes us similar or alike. Individuals may connect with each other on dimensions that may not seem obvious based on appearance.

Visible dimensions include:

  • Gender and age
  • Origin, languages, culture
  • Physical abilities

Invisible dimensions can be characteristics such as

  • Mindset, working style and learning style
  • Sexual orientations
  • Religion
  • Marital status
  • Position, experiences and skills

Converse with other people

Our Employee Support Networks are organised by communities of colleagues who work together to drive our progress in Inclusion & Diversity by promoting inclusion, diversity and representation of the interests of specific communities.

For a long time, Swiss Post has supported and promoted initiatives that bring people together, whether within Swiss Post or beyond the boundaries of the company:

  • MOSAICO is committed to living linguistic and cultural diversity at Swiss Post. Staff brush up their oral language skills in pairs on a regular basis, or meet at lunch to converse in various languages.
  • RAINBOW is the internal network to promote acceptance and tolerance. It is open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and non-binary staff, and all other interested parties.

Take care of your loved ones

It’s important to Swiss Post that you can strike a balance between work, family and leisure time. We offer a lot of benefits to make this possible:

  • 18 weeks’ paid maternity leave
  • Ten days’ paternity leave
  • Staff can request up to five days’ paid leave for urgent matters that require the presence of a parent
  • Income-dependent contribution towards supplementary childcare costs
  • Internal social counselling service for all family issues.

Structure your time

Depending on the stage of life we are in, our needs for structuring our day change. Swiss Post’s flexible working time models cater to your individual needs.

  • Annual working hours and flexitime
  • Part-time work
  • Teleworking – working from home or on the train
  • Sabbaticals
  • Part-time work for older employees and gradual retirement

Shape your working environment

  • The world is turning digital and is changing more and more rapidly. Swiss Post helps its employees to shape this change in a positive way. This includes working materials and workspaces, along with flexible working time models. Swiss Post is increasingly offering alternative workplaces. These “third workplaces” are venues for social interaction that supplement the home office (“second workplace”) and the office workplace (“first workplace”).


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