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Post Real Estate as an employer
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At Post Real Estate, we work with over 1,000 employees to manage more than 2,000 properties across Switzerland. We offer everything that defines successful real estate management: we build, manage, develop and operate all types of property, from modern new builds through to buildings of historical importance. If you work for us, you can expect flat hierarchies, modern employment conditions and, above all, colleagues of all nationalities, ages and backgrounds. All that’s missing is you.

What working with us is like

Swiss Post has been bringing people together since 1848. And this is something we are passionate about, whether in the countryside, in the city or across international borders. As an enterprise affiliated with the Confederation, we see our role as making a long-term contribution to keeping Switzerland modern and competitive. This also means looking after our country’s infrastructure and its development.

To that end, our employees manage hundreds of properties all over Switzerland every day. Management, construction, marketing, support – Swiss Post’s real estate management offers a one-stop shop for all these services. Our main driver is always what our customers want and what they are interested in. Innovative, modern and relevant: these are three core criteria when it comes to our services, especially in real estate. The optimum solution for us is a solution that is comprehensible and feasible or achievable. Our aim: to foster individuality in the spirit of solidarity and shared goals.

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Who we are

Our overarching goal: bringing people together. Within the company and beyond. With over 1,000 employees, Post Real Estate is one of the largest real estate companies in Switzerland. Our everyday interactions are governed by the motto: “People for people”. Our real estate specialists are active throughout Switzerland, are multilingual and bring together a range of different cultures. We are responsible for around 2.7 million square metres of real estate, which equates to 2,000 properties, and sustainability is always our priority. As part of our “casa verde” project, we are consistently pursuing our goal of meeting the climate and energy targets we have set for ourselves. We are willing to compromise, but above all, we are resolute when it comes to reaching our set targets.

What’s in store for you

To us, “help shape” means that you’re able to take on responsibility from day one. For our goals, your tasks and your personal career. To ensure that this succeeds, we support our teams and their members, and we offer an appreciative atmosphere, as well as room to realize your potential. Not only do we encourage you to develop, we challenge you to develop, too. A large number of our employees have been with us for many years. You will be able to learn from them, but they will also learn from you. Because that’s precisely what we’re all about: shaping the future as a team and bringing generations together. We want to become better every day and do our best for our company.

What’s in store for you with us:

  • Pension fund with attractive insurance models
  • 6 weeks of annual leave
  • Half Fare Travelcard or contribution towards your GA Travelcard
  • Enhanced maternity leave (18 weeks plus 6 additional weeks of unpaid leave)
  • Paternity leave (4 weeks plus 4 additional weeks of unpaid leave)
  • Support for a good work-life balance, including the right to non-reachability outside working hours
  • Comparable pay for comparable work
  • Inclusive work culture with protection against discrimination

Getting started at Swiss Post

Now it’s your turn. We’re inviting you to help us shape the Swiss Post of tomorrow and the future of Switzerland. We offer you a dynamic environment, an open, appreciative culture and, above all, career and development opportunities. Apply now for our job vacancies at Post Real Estate. If you can’t find the right job for you, Swiss Post will keep in touch – in the form of our job mail.