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Migros Bank is a people-centric bank. Our goal is to provide support for people, whatever their circumstances, on all financial matters. We provide easy, direct access to all banking services. Benefit from a personal consultation on financial matters at your Swiss Post branch.

  • Assets: invest with peace of mind
  • Retirement planning: security thanks to foresight
  • Living: seek our advice on getting your dream home

Personalized advice
At these Swiss Post branches


Because financial matters are a key part of life.

Investing with peace of mind – is that possible?

Whether you handle your investments yourself, would like comprehensive advice or wish to delegate your asset management – we have the right solution for you.

Will I ever be able to afford my own home?

How much equity is necessary? Which locations are you considering? Have you already found a property you would like to buy? Together we will find out what your options are and how best to proceed.

Will I have enough money when I retire?

Make sure you achieve your financial goals – with an individual financial plan that meets your requirements both now and in future.

We would be pleased to advise you in your Swiss Post branch on the following topics:

Bonus savings account
1.3% interest on your balance

Your loyalty is worth its weight in gold: benefit from 1.3% interest on savings that you transfer to Migros Bank. The preferential interest rate is valid for one year from the first inpayment.

Retirement savings account 3a
1.1% interest on your pillar 3a retirement savings account

Create important financial security for your future with a free retirement savings account and a selection of ten attractive retirement funds from Migros Bank. Benefit from 1.1% interest and attractive potential returns.

In a branch
Get advice from Migros Bank specialists

We are Migros Bank
Accessible and committed

As Switzerland’s eighth largest bank, Migros Bank bears great responsibility towards the environment and society, which it willingly assumes. We’ve been committed to these values since our bank was founded. As a universal bank, we don’t sell products, but instead find joint solutions with you, our customers. In line with your requirements, you have access to banking services via digital self-service or with individual advice from us – either in person or virtually. Migros Bank, the bank with the human touch.