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Would you like to move house? Are you planning a trip? Or do you want to buy a car? No matter what stage you’re at in life and what your plans are, we offer you the right insurance cover for all your needs.

Personal advice is important to us – and is now also available in many Swiss Post branches. You can take out these AXA insurance offers exclusively and conveniently at the counter:

  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Short-term travel insurance

Take out AXA mobile phone and short-term travel insurance directly at the Swiss Post counter – quickly, easily, personally.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Let Swiss Post’s staff at these branches advise you – we’ll be happy to help you.

Mobile phone insurance
Comprehensive protection for your mobile phone

A life without a mobile phone? Unimaginable. But what happens if you drop it on the pavement while you’re out jogging and the screen breaks? Or what if you accidentally drop your mobile phone into the toilet? That’s when you need uncomplicated claims processing – and that’s what AXA’s mobile phone insurance offers you.

Discover the right protective measures for your device here.

Short-term travel insurance
Enjoy carefree holidays

With AXA’s short-term travel insurance in your luggage, you can relax and enjoy your next trip. Whether it’s a city break in New York, a honeymoon in a luxury resort or a beach holiday in Ibiza:

we are there for you worldwide in the event of an emergency.

Our travel insurance covers the costs if you cannot travel or have to rebook. For example, due to an illness in the family. Or when you start a new job and aren’t allowed to take holiday yet.

Other AXA products
Get advice on other AXA products at your Swiss Post branch.

About AXA

AXA is the number one in the Swiss insurance market, boasting 1.9 million customers.

AXA has been a reliable partner in the Swiss insurance market since 1875. We offer private customers and companies attractive solutions in insurance and retirement planning. Around two million customers in Switzerland place their trust in AXA.

With innovative products and services relating to mobility, health, retirement planning and entrepreneurship, AXA stands by its customers as a partner and, with its “Know You Can” claim, encourages them to believe in themselves even in challenging situations. Around 4,500 employees and the 3,000-strong sales force personally dedicate themselves to this vision. With over 340 branches, AXA has the largest distribution network in the insurance industry across Switzerland.