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Swiss Post connects people and companies in Switzerland. At our branches, you can take care of several jobs at once. And you can even receive personal advice about health insurance policies. Arrange a free consultation in your Swiss Post branch and get expert advice from our partners.

  • Schedule an appointment at the counter.
  • The advice is provided exclusively by experts from our partners.
  • Choose from a consultation in selected Swiss Post branches, at our partners’ premises, at home or online − however you prefer.

Your partners in our branches

advertising post in Swiss Post branch

Swiss Post is opening its network and enabling partners to provide customers in its self-operated branches with trustworthy, personal support in the digital age. As regional service centers, Swiss Post’s self-operated branches are becoming the link between the physical and digital sides of Switzerland. This increases the relevance of the network not only for customer but also for partners, and strengthens public services in Switzerland.