Home delivery service
Settle your postal transactions at your front door

Purchasing stamps in your own front yard? It couldn’t be easier! What’s more: in regions with a home delivery service, you can send stamps, post parcels or make inpayments – simply and conveniently at your front door. We are available on working days (Monday to Friday) and bring branch counter services to your own front door.

  • Already tried and tested in 1,700 locations 
  • Paying invoices 
  • Posting letters and parcels 
  • Obtaining stamps or cash via your PostFinance account (pre-order required)

Here’s how it works
Request the home delivery service

Do you want to send something, pay bills or obtain cash – conveniently at your front door? Then just give us a sign: affix your home delivery service sign to your private letter box. The mail carrier will handle all your requests.


If you want to complete a postal transaction, affix a sign to your private letter box.


Your mail carrier will ring at your door to handle the postal transaction.


The next working day, your mail carrier will provide you with any change and a receipt.

Who is this service for and preconditions

If you live in a defined region with a home delivery service, Swiss Post automatically provides you with a home delivery service sign and you can request the home delivery service. Explicit registration is not necessary.

A location search will show you which regions or towns offer this service.

Swiss Post is continuing to develop its home delivery service offerings. The new solution for ordering the home delivery service will be phased in to all areas designated for the home delivery service by the end of 2021.

The new solution for the home delivery service already applies to areas with the following postcodes:

1820, 1824, 1847, 3086, 3087, 3124, 6452, 6461, 6463, 6466, 6469, 6475, 6476, 7134, 7137, 7138, 7202, 7203, 7213, 7303

Locations with a home delivery service