Home delivery service
Carry out postal transactions at your front door

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The home delivery service can be requested from home or when you’re on the go at any time and includes the following services:

  • Sending letters and parcels
  • Ordering stamps
  • Withdrawing cash
  • Paying invoices

Who is this service for?

This service is available only to customers who live in an area designated by Swiss Post as a home delivery service area. If you live in a designated area, you are automatically entitled to use this service and will be notified as such by Swiss Post.

A location search will show you which regions or towns offer this service.

If you do not live in an area with home delivery service, you can carry out postal transactions easily and conveniently from home using the mailing and collection service. More information can be found here.

Start the mailing and collection service

Which home delivery service option would you like to request?

Which home delivery service option would you like to request?

Online solution

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Overview of all orders
  • A wide range of other practical services available to use
Order pen

Order pen

  • Works without an Internet connection
  • No login or password required
  • Order postal services with just one click


You can order home delivery services by phone via the Contact Center. Call 0848 888 888 and press 4 on the keypad when prompted, and a specialized team will gladly take your order.

How does the home delivery service work?

  1. 1
    Order your preferred home delivery service online or using the order pen. If you order the service before 7.30 a.m., your mail carrier will visit you on the same day (Monday to Friday).
  2. 2
    The mail carrier takes your documents or any cash directly from you in person or from your private letter box.
  3. 3
    You will receive any receipts, change and ordered goods no later than the next delivery round (Monday to Friday).

The advantages for you

Easy and convenient to use

Order postal services at your doorstep with just one click.

Less extraneous work for your mail carrier

Your home delivery service order is sent directly to their handheld device. This means they can avoid unnecessary trips on their delivery round.


With the new solution on demand, we are deploying our resources in a more targeted manner, thereby avoiding empty journeys and minimizing CO2 emissions.

An overview of your orders

You have the option of viewing all your open, completed or cancelled home delivery service orders.

Home delivery service FAQs