Criminal records extract
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Order your criminal records extract in your nearest Swiss Post branch

You can order both private and special private extracts together with an attestation from the Swiss Federal Chancellery, if required. Each person can only request a private or special private extract concerning themselves.

Private and special private extracts

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How do I order a criminal records extract?

  1. 1

    Request a criminal records extract in your nearest branch.

  2. 2

    The Swiss Post employee checks and scans your proof of identity and creates a request which you will be asked to check. You check the information and certify that it is correct by signing. The Swiss Post employee then scans the signed order and forwards it to the relevant authority; the Federal Office of Justice.

  3. 3

    The extract will be sent to you by post within a few working days.

What happens with the details in the application for a criminal records extract?

Swiss Post only uses your extract application details for forwarding to the relevant authorities. The extract request and any other personal data relating to the request will be deleted once the request for information has been completed.

Who can request a criminal records extract and what are the requirements?

This service is only provided in self-operated Swiss Post branches and can only be used by private individuals.

An attestation/apostille is usually necessary if the criminal records extract has been requested by a foreign authority or embassy (e.g. for a visa or an international adoption). Please ask the corresponding authority whether an attestation is mandatory before ordering the extract.

What type of ID document is required for a criminal records extract?

  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Valid foreigners’ residence permit for Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein