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It isn’t always easy to come up with the necessary rental deposit equivalent to several months’ rent. Perhaps the rental deposit from your previous home has not yet been refunded or you simply want to use that money for other projects. Take advantage of the rental deposit guarantee without bank deposit – a service offered in association with SwissCaution.

  • Rental deposit guarantee replaces your rental deposit
  • An anniversary discount of 30% on the lump sum registration fee in 2021 (see conditions)
  • No period of notice
  • Favourable conditions for young people under the age of 26
  • Rental deposit guarantee certificate within 24 hours

Important information

Will you soon be moving house? This is the opportunity to subscribe a rental deposit guarantee from SwissCaution. This prevents your money from being blocked in a bank deposit for several months.

If you already have a security deposit lodged with a bank, you can always switch to a SwissCaution rental deposit guarantee. This will enable you to recover the money you deposited with the bank.

The SwissCaution rental deposit guarantee is similar to a conventional bank deposit in terms of security, value and purpose.

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Apply for a rental deposit guarantee now online
Calculate premiums and apply

Calculate your premium online or submit an application for a rental deposit guarantee quickly and easily. The rental deposit guarantee certificate will be sent to your estate agent or landlord, with a copy sent to you within 24 hours.

To register online, you must send a digital copy (PDF or photograph) of the required documents to SwissCaution and make an online transfer of your lump sum registration fee.

This is how it works in the branch

  1. 1

    Enquire about a rental deposit guarantee without bank deposit in one of our branches.

  2. 2

    Present the following documents at the counter:

    • copy of an official ID document, or a B or C foreigners’ residence permit for foreign nationals
    • copy or draft of the rental agreement (subletting, commercial rental contracts and parking spaces are not accepted)
    • copy of the ID card of all people indicated on the rental agreement
  3. 3

    Complete the application form together with the Swiss Post employee, and sign it. All persons mentioned in the rental agreement must present themselves at the post office counter, bring a copy of official identification and sign the application.

  4. 4

    Pay the lump sum registration fee (see conditions) at the counter.

Who is this service for? Preconditions

We provide this service – apart from the online registration – in our 800 largest, self-operated branches.


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