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Have you found new business premises but would like to avoid blocking a large sum of money for the rental guarantee? The SwissCaution rental guarantee replaces the traditional rental guarantee deposit. Instead of blocking your money in a bank account, you can invest it in your business activities.

  • Freedom – the money for the rental deposit remains available for your projects
  • Security – same value and security as a bank deposit
  • Flexibility – register or cancel at any time
  • Simplicity – it’s easy to get your rental guarantee swiftly

Yes, I am interested in a rental guarantee without bank deposit

In a branch
Simple and personal

  • Personalized advice
  • Support with the application
  • Simple handling

Receive by e-mail
Straight away online

  • Quickly online
  • Within 7 days
  • Delivery by e-mail

In a branch
Receive a SwissCaution rental guarantee

  • Select branch

    Select a branch offering the SwissCaution service and enquire about the SwissCaution rental guarantee without a bank deposit.

  • What to bring with you

    Bring the following documents with you:

    • Copy of your business lease or draft
    • Original or copy of the identity documents of all tenants registered on the lease
    • For foreign tenants: copy of residence permit
    • Company ID no. as registered in the commercial register
    • Ideally (these documents can also be sent to SwissCaution by e-mail afterwards):
      • Complete financial statements for the past two years or
      • Business plan for new companies
  • Information

    Ideally, all persons listed on the rental agreement sign the application at the counter. If only one person can be present at the counter, SwissCaution will contact you later to complete the application with all signatures.

  • Payment

    Once your request is accepted, you will be informed of the premium amount and annual payments you will have to make. SwissCaution will send you a copy of the certificate as well as the bill for the payment of your first premium.

You can receive a rental guarantee without bank deposit for business premises at these branches

This service for companies is currently being developed in cooperation with SwissCaution. All the Swiss Post branches that currently offer the service are shown here.


SwissCaution was founded in 1991 and is the first insurance company to offer rental guarantees without a bank deposit. With more than 235,000 customers and rental guarantees insured for over one billion francs, SwissCaution is the leading provider of rental guarantees without bank deposits in Switzerland. The company works with over 2,500 real estate agencies throughout Switzerland.

Swiss Post has offered rental guarantees without bank deposits in its larger self-operated branches in close partnership with SwissCaution since 2009. The cooperation between these two Swiss companies ensures a high level of availability of the offer.

Rental guarantee without bank deposit for your apartment

Want to avoid blocking money in a rental guarantee deposit and invest it elsewhere? Take out a rental guarantee without bank deposit – a service offered by Swiss Post in association with SwissCaution.

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