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Discover the many facets of this miniature art form. The philatelic range from Swiss Post is sheer joy for enthusiastic collectors!

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Date Topic Event
26.07.2019 Publication Focus on stamps”, issue: 03/19
05.09.2019  - Issue date
04.10.2019 Publication Focus on stamps”, issue: 04/19
24.-26.10.2019 Trade fair/exhibition International Stamp Show, Sindelfingen
08.-10.11.2019 Trade fair/exhibition Multilateral Luxembourg, Luxembourg
06.-09.11 201 Trade fair/exhibition 73rd Salon Philatélique d’Automne, Paris
14.11.2019  - Issue date
22.-24.11 2019 Trade fair/exhibition Veronafil 2019, Verona
28.11.-1.12.2019 Cancellation service
Stamp Day 2019, Bulle 

Issue date: 5 March 2020 / Featured in: Focus on stamps 1/2020

No. Value Description
1 1.00 Special stamp 100 years Swiss Federation of livestock farming of the Hérens breed
1 1.00 Special stamp 125 years Swiss Football Association
2 1.85
Special stamps Ice Hockey World Championship in Switzerland
1 1.50 Special stamp with surcharge 100th anniversary of Pro Infirmis
1 1.00 Special stamp 150 years Swiss Fire Brigade Association
1 1.00 Special stamp 2000 years Solothurn town
1 1.00 Special stamp 125 years National Library
1 1.00 Miniature sheet 900 years Engelberg Monastery
1 0.85 Special stamp International Year of Plant Health

Subject to change. Status: August 2019

Focus on stamps
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What and who are behind the current stamp themes? What new philately products have appeared? Focus on stamps brings you exciting news and background information.

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