100 years Bibliomedia Switzerland

Did you know that there are around 800,000 people living in Switzerland who cannot read and write properly? These people are one of the target groups of the Bibliomedia Foundation, which was established in 1920. But they are not the only one!

Stamp on the postal card

The Bibliomedia Foundation aims to provide services for everyone – for bookworms as well as people who still struggle with reading. It provides the latter with easy readers which make content accessible in a simpler way. The Foundation’s main customers are libraries, however: this is partly because it has a remit to develop libraries and promote reading from the Federal Office of Cultural Affairs, and partly because libraries need partners to advise them and provide new teaching methods, languages and stock. Bibliomedia’s customers also include schools and other institutions, such as children’s nurseries, parental support units, hospitals, reception centers for asylum seekers and prisons. A postal card with a stamp printed on it is being issued to mark the organization’s centenary. The motif depicts a pile of books which also features an e-reader. The stamp itself focuses on typography.

Postal card “100 years Bibliomedia Switzerland”: postage value CHF 1.00

Stamp on the postal card

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Philately: from 30.4.2020 to 30.6.2021
Branches: not on sale


Unlimited from 7.5.2020


Offset, 4-colour, Mastra AG, Urtenen-Schönbühl


Postal card: 148 × 105 mm,
stamp: 33 × 28 mm printed on the card


235 gm² bright white Carta Integra coated on one side


Gerhard Blättler, Berne