125 years Swiss Football Association

It was pupils at English private schools who introduced football – a sport that contained elements of rugby in its early years – to Switzerland. The year 1895 saw the founding of the “Swiss Football Association”, the current football association in Switzerland.

The founding members of the Swiss Football Association (SFA) were three Lausanne-based clubs and two Zurich-based clubs, followed by clubs from Geneva, Neuchâtel, Yverdon, Basel and St. Gallen. Nine years after it was founded, the SFA was one of seven national associations that founded the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) in 1904. Nowadays, the SFA is the umbrella organization for Swiss football, making it one of the most important sporting associations in the country. It is split up into three divisions: the Swiss Football League (Raiffeisen Super League and Challenge League), the Erste Liga (Promotion League and 1. Liga) and amateur leagues going down to the 5. Liga. The association comprises a total of 1,389 clubs, 14,206 teams and 273,644 licensed players. The CHF 1 franc special stamp marking the 125th anniversary of the SFA depicts a ball with the classic combination of pentagonal and hexagonal leather patches. The ball is an elegant anniversary gold on a background that is the green shade of a football pitch.

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Sheetlet of 8 stamps

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Maria-Sol Burgener, Berne