Ceneri 2020

The opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel in December 2020 will mark the completion of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA), turning the long-held dream of a flat rail link through the Alps into reality.

The NRLA provides Switzerland with modern, high-performance rail infrastructure on Europe’s north-south corridor – and an environmentally friendly alternative to road transport and travel. The opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel is not just the final part of the Rhine-Alps corridor, an epic feat of engineering, but also a symbol of northern and southern Europe moving closer together. The design of the special stamps highlights this aspect in particular. On the left, a freight train is travelling through the Netherlands. On closer inspection, its destination can be made out – the port of Rotterdam. On the right, a passenger train is arriving in Milan, represented by the world-famous cathedral. The two special stamps are linked by a gutter which shows the Ceneri Base Tunnel. Here the Alps are not a barrier between north and south, but are instead depicted as nature – an allusion to the climate-friendly mobility that the tunnel promotes.

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Philately: from 27.8.2020 to 30.9.2021 or while stocks last
Branches: from 3.9.2020 to 30.9.2021 or while stocks last


Unlimited from 3.9.2020


Offset, 4-colour; Gutenberg AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein


Stamp: 33 × 37 mm (gutter: 38.5 × 37 mm)
Sheet: 134 × 205 mm
(five rows of two stamps and gutter)


White stamp paper with optical brightener, matt gummed, 110 gm²




Roger Zürcher, Martin Brunner and Nicolas Charly, Zurich