100 years Dürrenmatt

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, who died in 1990, would have celebrated his 100th birthday on 5 January 2021. Over 30 years after his death, his works are still read, interpreted, discussed and not least performed on theatre stages around the world.

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The Visit, The Judge and His Hangman, It Happened in Broad Daylight and The Physicists – this short list alone provides an idea of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s significance. He is undeniably one of the most significant authors of the 20th century in the German-speaking world. His works take Switzerland to all corners of the world. Dürrenmatt’s novels are studied at schools and universities, and his plays are regularly found on the programmes of small and major theatres alike.

The special stamp shows Friedrich Dürrenmatt in a studio setting. The room contains items that are related to his writing but also express his character traits clearly. It’s certainly no coincidence that his cockatoo Lulu is there.

The special stamp also uses a variety of colours. This represents Dürrenmatt’s visual art, which, while less well known, was another lifelong form of artistic expression. His visual artwork has been on display since 2000 at the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN), while his literary legacy is to be found at the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) in Bern and can be viewed by the public. The SLA and CDN are both part of the Swiss National Library.

The Year of Dürrenmatt

The National Library – the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel and the Swiss Literary Archives – has created a website at, which provides plenty of information on the anniversary, events and exhibitions, as well as on its own publications and those of partner institutions.

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Art print

In conjunction with the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel, Swiss Post is issuing a high-quality art print. In this pen-and-ink drawing from 1963, Dürrenmatt imitates the composition of the famous mural painting of the Battle of Sempach found at the battle chapel in the city of Lucerne. The drawing illustrates Dürrenmatt’s relationship with his critics in humorous style.

This art print was produced on handmade paper (250 g/m²). The sheet size is 470 × 390 mm, and the image size 330 × 250 mm. The print run is limited to 200 copies, and every art print is hand-numbered. It is supplied unframed. The selling price is 129 francs, including shipping costs within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Unfortunately, deliveries cannot be made abroad.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, “Battle of Sempach” (detail) from the “Künstler und Kritiker” series, 1963, Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel collection, © CDN/Swiss Confederation
Friedrich Dürrenmatt, “Battle of Sempach” (detail) from the “Künstler und Kritiker” series, 1963, Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel collection, © CDN/Swiss Confederation

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Philately: from 25.2.2021 to 31.3.2022 or while stocks last

Branches: from 4.3.2021 to 31.3.2022 or while stocks last


Unlimited from 4.3.2021


Offset, 4-colour; Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe, France


Stamps: 28 ×  33 mm

Sheet: 140 × 194 mm

(5 rows of 4 stamps)


White stamp paper with optical brightener, matt gummed, 110 gm²


13 ½ : 13 ¼


Stephan Schmitz, Zürich