A fresh take on stamps: everyone will warm to these amusing designs. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to send some summer vibes by mail?

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Evoking a summer atmosphere through simple items – that was the design brief given to three artists for these special stamps. “Sunglasses”, “Drink”, “Ice cream” and “Watermelon”, some classic elements of summer, were picked as the themes. Swiss Post employees then voted on the three proposed sets of designs. The designer Patrick Oberholzer from Winterthur emerged as the winner.

To make the designs as eye-catching as possible, he used a warm, powerful and fresh range of colours with a clear use of form. Despite the small format, there’s plenty to discover in his designs: the designs are enriched by the use of playful features, such as a fruity silhouette for the drink, a touch of Swissness reflected in the sunglasses and sweet decorations on the cone. For the typographical elements, Oberholzer opted for a geometrically structured font, which is incorporated into the illustrations in a readable and harmonious way with its rounded zeros and reduced forms.

Sheet of 10 stamps each
Sheet of 10 stamps each

Three questions for Patrick Oberholzer, the designer of the Summer stamps

Patrick Oberholzer. Photo: Michael Haug
Patrick Oberholzer. (Photo: Michael Haug)

Which of the four elements do you identify with most?

On hot days, I most enjoy a chilled, home-made ice tea. That’s why I’d say the drink.

What do you love most about summer?

The long days! All the sunshine means you’ve got more energy in the evenings, which allows you to enjoy the season all the more. Summer months seem to last longer than winter months.

What’s your favourite time of year?

The time between spring and summer – when nature is at its greenest, it’s warmer but not scorching, and being outdoors is pleasant.

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Philately: from 29.4.2021 to 30.6.2022 or while stocks last

Branches: from 6.5.2021 to 30.6.2022 or while stocks last


Unlimited from 6.5.2021


Offset, 5-colour; Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem, Netherlands


Stamps: 28 × 33 mm or 33 x 28 mm

Sheet: max. 82 × 228 mm (open), max. 82 × 114 mm (folded)

(5 rows of 2 stamps)


White stamp paper with optical brightener, self-adhesive, on backing paper, 196 gm²


Perforated along outline


Patrick Oberholzer, Winterthur