A major issue on a small format. Encompassing the environment, economy, social affairs and art, sustainability is an extremely diverse and multifaceted issue. All of this can be discovered in a playful way on the new Sustainability special stamp.

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The special stamp is the result of a design competition organized by Swiss Post in conjunction with the Bern University of the Arts.

22 highly dedicated students in their second year of the Visual Communication course were given the task of presenting various dimensions of sustainability in a positive and appealing way in a stamp design. After learning and testing various creative techniques, they worked in groups to create extensive visual worlds. All the students then continued the work individually, with close support from their lecturers Jimmy Schmid and Andreas Netthoevel. The result was 22 varied, astonishing and highly original designs, from which the best eight were selected and presented to the Stamp commission in the final round.

Carole Kiechl’s design was declared the winner. The stamp is designed to encourage people to complete the word search – both before sending and after receiving letters. As well as the already circled word “HELVETIA” and the face value “100”, there are 24 other German, French and Italian words related to sustainability to be found. How many can you find?

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Set of four picture postcards
Set of four picture postcards

Adriana Fabbricatore

The design plays with a graph to symbolize global warming.

Available as a picture postcard in the set of four.

Anaïs Boogman

The ice cube symbolizes Earth and the fact that it is slowly melting due to global warming.

Available as a picture postcard in the set of four.

Hannah Boldt

The circular area of scratch-off ink represents our planet. The act of scratching off the ink illustrates how our actions impact on the planet.

Available as a picture postcard in the set of four.

Aaron Aebi

The sphere highlights the global urgency of the issue of sustainability. The boat, made of the sustainable material wood, alludes to the expression “we’re all in the same boat”.

Available as a picture postcard in the set of four.

Matthieu Dillier

The design symbolically depicts the various dimensions of sustainability.

Mylène Martz

The image conveys the paradox between the beauty of water and the irresponsible way in which the oceans are being filled with plastic.

Charlotte Burkhardt

Sustainability is reduced to the colour green. The neon effect is emblematic of a green Switzerland. HELVETIA and the face value of 100 appear in embossed printing.

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For the environment and society

Sustainability at Swiss Post:

Technical information


Philately: from 29.4.2021 to 30.6.2022 or while stocks last

Branches: from 6.5.2021 to 30.6.2022 or while stocks last


Unlimited from 6.5.2021


Offset, 4-colour; Gutenberg AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein


Stamps: 32.5 × 40 mm

Sheet: 161 × 190 mm

(4 rows of 4 stamps)


Special paper, grs Crash Corn Mais, PVA gummed, 120 gm2


13 1/2


Carole Kiechl, Zurich