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An ideal Christmas gift

Swiss Post’s stamp set for children, featuring stamps, information, craft instructions, stories, puzzles and the exciting adventures of Phila and Franco, can be purchased individually or at a reduced rate on subscription – a great Christmas gift for children between the ages of seven and ten.

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Stamp set for children 4/2022
Stamp set for children 4/2022

The focus in the new set is on the subject of science. Following the release of the “Jungfraujoch research station” stamp (Focus on stamps 3/22), Phila and Franco have now discovered an appetite for research. The set includes an experiment, and even the comic revolves around science.

As always, the set also contains a number of stamps – some cancelled, some mint. The Jungfraujoch stamp is just one of them, and of course the cool, up-to-the-minute LEGO® stamps also had to be included. And by the way: which stamps and stamp collectors have made it into the Guinness Book of Records so far? We get to the bottom of that question, as well as reporting on the world’s biggest postage stamp. Which comes from Switzerland!

But there are also many more topics in the set: if you want to know how best to write a poem, we’ve got you covered. And as if that wasn’t enough, kids will also find instructions on how to make a fun cow bookmark.

The stamp set for children is available at the Postshop and from Swiss Post branches as a single issue for 12 francs or at a discounted rate on subscription at

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