Changes to Post CH Ltd’s range of services
As of 1 January 2024

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Amendments to products and prices

We do everything we can to ensure that letters and parcels can be sent and received from one day to the next all over Switzerland. Our wide range of services also functions reliably across national borders. We wish to continue securing this high-quality universal service from our own resources, as a self-sufficient company. We feel a duty to continue playing an important role for you and all of Switzerland.

This means that we must continue to implement efficiency, growth and investment measures. Regular price adjustments are also necessary. After bearing most of the brunt of inflation ourselves for 2022 and 2023, price adjustments are now essential. For this reason, we are taking steps such as increasing prices for parcels and letters as of 1 January 2024. However, the measures agreed with the price regulator also include simplifications to the pricing structure and, in some cases, price reductions. The price increases will enable us to offset inflation and structural cost effects to some extent. We will also continue working on our efficiency.


Amendments to services as of 1 January 2024

Amendments to services provided by Post CH Ltd to business customers (with billing relationship)

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Amendments to services provided by Post CH Ltd to private customers

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Domestic parcels – amandments to contract customers

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Press release, 6 July 2023

General Terms and Conditions

GTC “Postal Services for Business Customers”

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GTC “Postal Services for Private Customers”

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