We are right here for you – but with some changes

Sending and receiving items contactlessly
Sending and receiving parcels and registered letters contactlessly. To protect you and us.

You have a number of different options:

  • For contactless receipt of your consignments, we recommend that you select the permanent setting “Deposit consignment” or, in the case of registered consignments, issue us the “Authorization for delivery”. You can manage your post with the online service “My consignments”.
  • You can collect and send your parcels around the clock at My Post 24 terminals.
  • We collect parcels from your address. To do so create the parcel label online or use the return label of your online retailer and order the collection with pick@home. Attach the label and put the parcel at the designated pick-up point in front of the door.
  • We are happy to keep your post for you. You can place an order with us online using the “Retain mail” online service.
  • Alternatively, you can have your post redirected to a relative or friend. You can also place an order for this with us online.
  • You can give franked letters to mail carriers on their round.