Personalized ads on Swiss Post digital channels
Published on 31 May 2022

Why am I seeing personalized ads on Swiss Post digital channels? What data of mine is being used for this? You can find the answers to these questions and more here.

Why am I seeing personalized third-party ads on Swiss Post digital channels?

We want to show users advertising that interests them. In so doing, Swiss Post also helps its business customers deliver tailored offers to their customers. This strengthens Swiss Post’s position on the advertising market. The resulting capital helps Swiss Post to develop the future universal postal service for the people of Switzerland.

Is my Swiss Post customer data used for personalized advertisements?

No. Swiss Post only provides advertising space and does not use customer data.

Swiss Post uses an ad server from Google for advertisement (Google Ad Manager). Ad servers are automated advertisement management systems that are used to store, deliver and measure the success of advertising on the Internet. They make it possible for users to see only those ads that interest them. The ad server identifies the user via a third-party cookie, then looks for advertising campaigns which could interest the user and delivers the advertising accordingly. Data saved by Google.

Swiss Post cannot access or view this personal data, it just provides the advertising space.

I have seen advertising that I consider inappropriate. How can I file a complaint?

You can click the “X” on the top right of the objectionable advertising banner to report the ad. Alternatively, you can use this form to file the complaint directly.

How can I deactivate personalized advertising?

The use of cookies can be managed via the browser functions (settings or add-ons). Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can instruct your browser not to accept any cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from a website you visit. You can also delete cookies on your computer or mobile device using the feature for doing so in your browser. Important: this prevents advertising from being personalized, not from being displayed.

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