Communication in sign language.

Submitting customer enquiries in sign language at Swiss Post

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Record your request in sign language with your webcam and send it to us. The reply, which you will receive via e-mail, will also be recorded in ssg. You don’t have to install any special program or have any special video mail know-how. It works really easily because all you do is record your request with your webcam and send it. You will receive a reply within a maximum of four working days.

Record your request in sign language.

Send us your request by video. The video in sign language will be translated into written text by a professional language service provider and forwarded to the Swiss Post Contact Center. The reply from the Swiss Post Contact Center will then be translated into ssg and sent to you via e-mail. This process ensures successful communication in sign language. Data protection is guaranteed every time, since the whole communication process takes place within a closed system.

How exactly does the system work?

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