Address master data

Address master data

All address data summarized in one file

The new address master data file consolidates all of Swiss Post’s previous master data files into one file. This is the most comprehensive data collection of all the buildings in Switzerland serviced by Swiss Post.

You can use new address master data file as a reliable reference for postal cleaning of customer addresses. It also provides useful services as the basis for large-volume preliminary sorting in letter mail.

  • MAT[CH]street, -sort and -zip consolidated into one file
  • Complete directory for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Seamless integration in your own CRM system (no software)
  • Now stored with automatic sequencing key information
  • Practical tool for preliminary sorting of large quantities by delivery office
  • Updated in two-weekly cycle via downloads

The new address master data file is available free of charge for personal use. It is unique as regards being up to date and complete. By regularly aligning your data, you maintain the quality of your postal data (without first name and last name).