Management of empty containers (LGBS)

Management of empty containers (LGBS)

Simple and efficient

The empty container management system (LGBS) uses new standardized company containers: letter receptacles and outer containers. These containers can be processed fully automatically from acceptance through to delivery.

What's more, a standard set of rules creates greater transparency, efficiency and flexibility for all parties involved in managing empty containers.

Fact-based sourcing of new containers, efficient container management and simple ordering processes make it possible to meet needs effectively in all relevant areas.

Important information about the LGBS system

  • Placing orders in the LGBS system: round the clock
  • Next-day delivery (Monday to Friday): orders must be entered into the LGBS system by 11a.m.
  • Empty containers are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.
  • Reports on the availability of empty containers from letters centres, letter processing logistics centres and transport platforms: Daily from 8 to 10 a.m.

LGBS hotline

Just call the hotline for all information on the empty container management system (signing up and using the system, procedures etc.). (Monday–Friday, 8-11.30a.m./1.30-5 p.m.)

Telephone: +41 58 386 54 74

Business customers without LGBS

PostLogistics customer service: tel. 0800 825 800