Upstream services for letter processing

Upstream services for letter processing

Make huge savings on postage costs through the division of labour

Swiss Post is recognizing upstream services carried out by business customers in the case of large mailings by offering discounted postage rates. There are potential savings to be made on pre-sorting and mailing items.

For large mailings, postage is a key budget consideration. Exploiting savings possibilities improves cost efficiency and achieves effective relief.

Your objective

You want to optimize shipping costs for large mailings.

Our solution

You take on certain upstream services relating to dispatch preparation and/or delivery.

The benefits for you

Discounts are awarded for presorting your mail items according to locality or delivery district. This is possible from 3,000 items. Benefit from reduced costs if you deliver your mail items to a Letter Centre or Logistics Centre. This is possible from 10,000 items.