"Barcode" web service

"Barcode" web service

Obtain barcodes directly from your system

With the "Barcode" web service you can obtain barcodes for letters directly from your system. Barcodes can be generated for basic and additional services. The item data can be linked to your company data.

Obtaining barcodes directly from your system simplifies the mailing process and enhances efficiency. You do not have to programme the barcodes yourself. No postal knowledge is required.

  • Generate barcodes for all letters with barcode (BmB)
  • Barcodes for domestic and international items
  • Address labels can be generated with or without a sender and recipient address
  • Barcodes for standard window envelopes can be integrated directly into a document
  • Generate address labels (standard formats)
  • No updates or releases
  • A free service from Swiss Post

Generate your documents for mailing directly from your ERP/PVS system at any time. Save time and money! You are also always up-to-date in terms of the available postal services and possible combinations

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