Corporate mail forwarding

Corporate mail forwarding

Delivery of company mail to a different address

With a customized forwarding order, Swiss Post will deliver your letters to a different location. You can have all your company mail forwarded or just some of it.

Depending on the organization, it may be a good idea to have your company mail delivered to a different location. Swiss Post’s company mail forwarding service addresses this requirement.

  • Selective forwarding of items with address “A” to address "B”
  • You can arrange to have items forwarded to the head office or a processing centre
  • Cost transparency with monthly billing based on the amount of work performed
  • Charged at CHF 90/hour (excl. VAT)
  • Service not available for forwarding in the case of temporary absence
  • Service not available for forwarding in the case of relocation

The forwarding order eliminates the need for re-addressing and forwarding of items to the desired destination. Your company mail goes to the right addresses without any further effort on your part