House letterbox

Delivery of your letters to the company domicile

With a house letterbox, letters are delivered reliably and securely to the right recipients. Swiss Post delivers to letterboxes in settlements anywhere in Switzerland that are inhabited the whole year round.

In order to receive letters it is essential that the house letterbox is marked with a clear and legible inscription. The address must include all the usual company names and subaddresses. Daily delivery of your company mail is within reach.

  • Letters are delivered to house letterboxes from Monday to Saturday
  • Items that cannot be put into the letterbox are placed in mail boxes
  • Items with proof of delivery are handed over at the front door
  • Oversize items are handed over at the front door
  • If there is no answer and the item(s) cannot be put into the letterbox, the recipient is notified
  • Where large quantities of mail are received, the letterbox may need to be modified
  • DETEC imposes requirements regarding location, design and minimum dimensions

The house letterbox provides direct and simple access to day-to-day company mail. When correctly implemented, it serves as a secure place to receive your letters.