P.O. box

P.O. box

First address for early delivery

With a P.O. box as your first address, A Mail items are delivered to the box in many areas even before counters open. You're well informed before work starts.

Our P.O. box service is divided into a basic offer, which is free of charge and additional payable services. The various additional services can be used to customize the use of your P.O. box to your individual needs.

  • Deliveries of A Mail items before counters open or in line with local circumstances.
  • Free usage when the P.O. box is inside the delivery area of the local delivery business.
  • Payable "P.O. Box Extra" as a second place of delivery in addition to your house letterbox or as a P.O. box in another place in Switzerland.
  • Individual consignment processing or local handover of consignments in accordance with agreement

In our Basic P.O. Box Offer, the P.O. box replaces deliveries to the company domicile. Express and parcel consignments addressed to the company domicile are exceptions to this rule.

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