One address for different recipients

Thanks to our subaddress service, Swiss Post delivers consignments to third parties (e.g. companies) to your address (P.O. box or letterbox). The P.O. box or letterbox does not have to be in the name of the third party.

The subaddress service enables consignments to be delivered to the same address for multiple recipients. The letterbox or P.O. box can be registered under a single name.

  • Subaddresses must contain the postal address details of the main address
  • Orders can be placed at all post office counters or through the Internet at a reduced price.
  • Subaddresses are updated every year (31 December) by the customer.

The subaddress services is the central point for incoming mail for multiple recipients. It is perfect for shops with one or more branches, for trust companies or agencies.

 Open and organize your subaddress online at «My Post Business»