One signature, multiple authorized agents

With a permanent authorization, you can have mail collected by a representative from within the company. The authorized persons legally confirm receipt of the postal items with their signature.

The collection of scheduled consignments from the counter is delegated to suitable representatives. Our authorization service is a simple solution for the trouble-free receipt of mail.

  • Collection of scheduled consignments with no time delay
  • Several persons can be authorized by a single authorization
  • Safety thanks to the electronic creation of the authorization
  • A current overview of all authorized agents is available at all times
  • Round-the-clock online management

In addition to registered mail, authorized agents can also accept cash payment orders as well as court and debt collection documents. The validity of a permanent authorization is unlimited and there is a one-off charge of CHF 24 (online price), or CHF 30 (price at the counter), upon issue.

 The easiest way to manage your permanent authorization is to use "My Post Business" online