Addressing mail

Addressing mail

Address layout as an efficiency factor

Guidelines for addressing mail enable your letters to be processed efficiently. If the address format corresponds to the guidelines and the address details are correct, everything runs smoothly.

In order for us to process your letters efficiently and offer you value for money, we use the most modern processing technology available. Automating our processes requires a certain amount of standardization in the address layout.

The hallmarks of an address with the correct layout are:

  • Left alignment
  • 3 to a maximum of 6 lines, no blank lines, underlining or spaces between letters
  • Full, clear company name, last name and first name
  • Second-to-last line: complete street name and correct house number or, for P.O. Box addresses, the phrase “P.O. Box” (mandatory)
  • •Last line: correct postcode and complete place

You can find extensive information on addressing letters properly, together with examples, in the current spezification  "Correct address layout" (in german).